HavenZone Voice Solutions - TriVium (Record & Reporting)

HavenZone offers TriVium product to record phone calls on your VoIP Phone System as well as see full call reporting. The TriVium product line is certified to work with the IPitomy VoIP Phone System that is also offered from HavenZone.

CallAnalyst Call Reporting

The efficient and effective use of phone system resources, such as PBXs and key systems, helps businesses reduce costs and achieve faster ROIs. CallAnalyst provides the tools necessary to help businesses reach these goals and gain a clear picture of how their phone system is being used.

CallAnalyst is a comprehensive solution that works with any telecom implementation, including VoIP, PBXs and key systems. This flexibility ensures that CallAnalyst leverages current and future phone system implementations and meets all the business' call management and tracking needs.

From small businesses to large multi-site enterprises, CallAnalyst is the right solution to meet any call tracking, management and reporting needs.


Call Reporting
         Extensive graphical & textual reporting of extension and trunk activity
         Captures various information including date/time, duration, caller id, dialed number, account codes etc.
         Easy-to-use selection criteria for reporting

Quality Monitoring/Performance Management
         Analyzes how long it takes to answer phone calls by operator
         Compares time against acceptable target levels for the department or call center

Report Access
         Network clients installed on PCs in order to search and access various reports
         Web-based access
         Access via automated reports sent as emails

Report Automation
         Report automation delivered via email, print or FTP

Data Archival and Retrieval

Call costing
         Flexible rate plans to precisely cost each call
         Recover costs and generate revenues

         Setup multiple alerts for various calling patterns (I.e., 9-1-1, long distancec alls, after-hours calls, toll-free calls etc.)
         Broadcast alerts via email, pager or screen pop

Automate Bill-Back
         Bill your customers back based on their phone usage (example: multi-tenant properties, assisted living facilities etc.)
         Recover costs and generate revenues

Network Ability
         Network multiple locations/PBXs for centralized reporting.
         Report across different locations without needing any software to be installed at remote sites.

Traffic Analysis & Capacity Management
         Know you trunk utilization levels based on the call history - helps you optimize your trunks.
         Forecast your trunk needs based on scientific models
         Ensure you are not you are not paying for trunks that are not in use; ensure there are enough trunks to take all your customer calls

Marketing Campaign Tracking
         Track advertising and marketing campaigns with DID/DNIS Manager
         Associate advertised DID/DNIS to various campaign names to pull meaningful reports that help decision making easier.

        Cut costs
        Increase productivity
        Track employee productivity
        Optimize resources (infrastructure and staff)
        Optimize the marketing budget
        Enhance security
        Improve customer service


SonicView Call Recording & Reporting

SonicView Call Recording & Reporting is an enterprise-grade call recording platform available at very affordable price points. It provides the most comprehensive call recording features and functionalities found in the marketplace today.

SonicView can be configured as a trunk-side or a station-side call recording platform . SonicView trunk-side supports T1, PRI, Analog and SIP trunks and is PBX agnostic, making it a future-proof investment. SonicView station-side recording supports digital, analog and IP phones. Whether configured as trunk-side or station-side, it provides the same interface. 

SonicView provides a user-friendly, Web-based interface making it easy to access recordings from any PC located on the network without needing to install any proprietary client application. It is built using the latest application architecture and provides a state-of-the art user interface to improve ease-of-use and enhance user experience.

Features & Benefits

         Simple, intuitive browser-based interface
         Scalable and robust
         Works with all phone systems
         High quality call recording at high compression rate
         Centralized call recordings from multiple PBX/locations.
         Powerful user and system management features
         Selective or full-time recording
         Flexible recording rules
         On-demand recording capabilities
         Various means to share recordings internally and externally
         Detailed call activity reporting
         Easy access of click-to-play from reports
         Automated report delivery
         Easy-to-install, configure and manage
         Enhanced search and replay capabilities based on date/time, duration, extension, caller ID, dialed number, notes, flags etc.

SonicView also offers a Call Scoring and Agent Evaluation module. This allows businesses to create various scoring templates and evaluate calls based on these templates. Once scored, the system would allow running various reports in order to evaluate agent’s performance over a period of time or across multiple agents / departments.

Call Scoring Highlights

         Use to coach, train and evaluate agent performance and for quality monitoring
         Can be used by different functional managers, such as quality assurance managers, sales managers, support managers, compliance managers, etc.
         Create different types of questions that pertain to each function so that respective managers can evaluate agents based on certain criteria
         Apply a specific weightage for each question within a call scoring section
         Evaluate across multiple agents as well evaluate the same agent over a period of time
         Re-evaluate how an agent has improved after training
         Identify future training needs

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