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The importance of network auditing software...

Network auditing software is an important security tool.  It provides IT administrators with a two-pronged approach to network security. First, it enables IT Administrators to carry out vulnerability assessments and provide an accurate view of the entire network and subnets, making it easier to spot any open ports, unaccounted for components or other discrepancies. Second, it allows prompt action to protect against any open vulnerability. Network security is not just about protecting an individual computer; it is also about identifying and correcting vulnerability found in the entire network. Network auditing is fast becoming an indispensable tool in the maintenance of a healthy network.

Corporate networks

Occasionally corporate networks are deployed and then left unattended and uncontrolled. While these networks still perform their intended function, they are left open to attack. Consider too the role of the IT department; constantly deploying new services, software and hardware.  Add to the mix any number of staff members, each of whom depend upon the network on a daily basis, and you can quickly see how robust network security and management is paramount to the continued smooth operation of this most important business asset.  The best way, most cost effective way to achieve it is with reliable network auditing software.

An up to the minute snapshot of the network is critical to those who are charged with keeping it running; and maintaining up-to-date records in between physical audits and upgrades will ensure that, when undertaken, those processes go smoothly.

Network auditing reveal vital information

First, an audit confirms the existing topology and device configuration; and second, an audit lists any vulnerability found.

Confirming topology and configuration gives IT administrators assurance that a.) the network itself is configured to maximize efficiency and security and b.) all devices attached to the network are properly configured to the same purpose.

Comprehensive network auditing will also reveal any vulnerability negatively impacting network performance and hampering operations. Network auditing software further identifies devices and components that need to be replaced and any missing software updates.

The component diagram of a network plots all the components found, showing all access routes available on that network.  The accuracy of this diagram is critical. Changes made to the network must be reflected in the overall component diagram. Good network auditing software will ensure that all routes on the network are scanned and accounted for regardless of network size or the location of networked devices.

An audit will further your insight into your network by retrieving hardware information such as memory, processors, display adapters, storage devices, motherboard details, printers, and ports in use. It also provides data about what people have accessed and the actions that were performed.

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