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3CX PBX Phone System for Windows
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3CX Phone System is a software-based IP PBX for Windows which replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It is based on the SIP standard and supports standard SIP software / hardware phones. It allows calls to be made via a VOIP service provider or via the regular PSTN. Easy to install and configure, it includes a web-based configuration interface, voice mail, auto attendant, call hunting and other features. Both commercial and a free edition are available.


This configuration guide assumes that you have already downloaded and installed 3CX Phone System from 3CX.

You can find the 3CX Administration Manual here.


In the 3CX Phone Management console click on the ‘Add VoIP’ from the left menu. The ‘Add VoIP Provider’ page appears.

Specify ‘HavenZone’ as the name of the provider.


Under ‘VoIP Provider = HavenZone’ enter:

Registrar/Proxy Hostname or IP: sip.HavenZone.com
Registrar / Proxy Port: 5060
Outbound Proxy Hostname or IP: sip.HavenZone.com
Outbound Proxy Port: 5060


Registration Settings, Codec Priorities, Provider Capabilities, Location of Destination Number, and Other Options may retain their Default settings. Additional information on these settings are available in the 3CX Administration Manual.


VoIP Provider Account Details

Enter a unique Authentication ID, Authentication Password, and Number for this InPhonex account. The Authentication ID is determined by you and must be unique to InPhonex. Other VoIP provider accounts that you create must use a different authentication ID

External Number: This is where you would enter your DID phone number. A DID number is optional, and not required to use InPhonex with 3CX
Authentication ID: Enter your 7 digit Virtual Number
Authentication Password: Enter the Password you specified when purchasing your HavenZone account


Route Inbound Calls in Office Hours to:

These settings may remain at their default, however additional configuration is recommended.

This section allows you to specify how an inbound call should be routed during office hours. You can choose to route inbound call to:

Extension – Select the extension from the drop down list of available extensions.
Ring Group* – Select the ring group from the list of available ring groups.
Queue* – Select the queue from the drop down list of available queues.
Digital Receptionist* – Select the digital receptionist from the drop down list.
Voicemail for an Extension – Select the extension number of the mailbox you would like to redirect the call to.

* Features available in select 3CX versions only.


Route Inbound Calls out of Office Hours:

These settings may remain at their default, however additional configuration is recommended.

You can specify that an incoming call be routed differently if it is received outside office hours. You can select from the same routing options. Click on the ‘Specify Office Hours’ button to define your office opening hours.


Select the ‘Finish’ button to register the line.

Confirm the line is ‘Registered’ by selecting the ‘Line Status’ link from the left menu. A ‘Green’ light will indicate a successfully registered line. A ‘Red’ light indicates the line is not registered. If not registered, return to Step 5 and confirm your account details.

Congratulations, you have successfully configured HavenZone for use with 3CX Phone System!


Please refer to the 3CX Administration Manual for additional configuration information. 

Last update: 12:58 PM Thursday, August 30, 2012

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